10 Browser Recommendations for Passing Positive Internet

Helmykediri – Some browsers cannot be used to penetrate websites that are blocked by the central government, so you need a special platform. Check out the following review of 10 recommendations for an anti-blocking 2022 browser that you can use to get through the positive internet.

UR Browser

UR Browser

The first recommendation is a UR browser that is anti-blocking positive internet and you can install it easily via PC or Android. UR browser is an application that is still relatively new, but it is equipped with powerful features and can be used to surf the internet freely.

One of the excellent features of this browser application is the availability of a VPN that you can use to access various sites on the internet, even though it is generally blocked by the government. This application also provides a security system that is able to hide the user’s browsing history and protect data exchange when connected to the internet.

UR browser user data will always be safe and protected, so you can browse sites on the internet with peace of mind. UR browser has a simple interface and simple design that is easy for users to understand.

Download > https://www.ur-browser.com/

Tor Browser

Tor Browser

This lightweight and fast anti-blocking browser reference has many features to support ease of browsing the internet. Tor Browser is a multi-platform application that can be used to bypass the positive internet.

The advantage of the Tor Browser application is that it is equipped with a layered security system that will help maintain the privacy of its users. You don’t have to worry about your personal data being known by others if you use this trusted browser that has collaborated with the FBI.

The Tor Browser application can not only be used to access the web that is blocked by the government. However, this application can also be used to access sites that use union or deepweb extensions or even deeper to dive into the black world of the internet, namely the dark web.

However, the deeper you dive, the slower internet access will load

Download > https://www.torproject.org/

Puffin Browser

Puffin Browser

Next, there is the Puffin Browser which can be installed by users on Windows and Android-based devices. The advantage of this application is that it offers high access speeds to open websites that have been blocked by the ISP.

In addition, Puffin Browser is also equipped with an online cloud storage feature that makes its performance light and doesn’t take up too much RAM. In fact, this platform is claimed to be able to access sites at speeds 10 times higher than ordinary browsers.

The security of the data of Puffin Browser users who access prohibited sites is also perfectly encrypted so that it is kept confidential. This browser provides the best security features where user privacy will not be leaked to other parties. To date, Puffin Browser has been installed 150 million times.

Download > https://www.puffin.com/web-browser

UC Browser

UC Browser

UC Browser used to be very popular for passing positive internet freely because it has fast download acceleration like IDM and supports VPN features. This application allows users to access blocked sites without having to install an additional VPN.

UC Browser can also block ads that suddenly appear when you access a site so as not to interfere with surfing activities. This makes UC Browser one of the browsers hated by website owners, especially for those who rely on income from ad impressions

Currently, UC Browser has been widely installed on both mobile and desktop platforms. This browser provides a shortcut feature that allows you to open social media accounts without having to install the application first.

Another advantage of UC Browser is that it can be used to download large files in a short time. UC Browser also has good security to maintain your privacy when accessing prohibited sites.

Download > https://www.ucweb.com/

Azka Browser

Azka Browser

The next reference is the Azka Browser which can be easily accessed via android-based phones. This browser platform can be obtained through the Google Play Store by downloading it for free.

In addition, the Azkan Browser application has also begun to be developed in a desktop display which makes this platform accessible via a laptop or PC. Azka Browser users can access even blocked sites, without any restrictions.

Another feature provided by this application is anonymous, where the user’s identity will not be known. Through this anonymous feature, users don’t have to worry about someone tracking their history.

Download > http://pro.azkabrowser.us/



Opera is the next 2022 anti-blocking browser that has been trusted for a long time to pass positive internet. This browser is often updated to add new features and improve the security system in it to meet user needs.

Opera itself is equipped with a built-in VPN feature that can be used to access all websites, even though it has been blocked by the government. This browser is also equipped with an ad blocker feature that will increase your comfort while browsing the internet.

There are also some other modern features that make Opera look even more sophisticated for a browser. The user’s browsing history will also be kept safe and not easily hacked by others.

Download > https://www.opera.com/

Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy Browser

This one browser offers a layered security system for users who will pass through the positive internet. User privacy when browsing a site that has been blocked will be well maintained and not easy to track even by wifi network providers.

Epic privacy browser has a built-in VPN feature that makes your internet browsing activities free and unrestricted. In addition, surfing activities on the internet are also more comfortable without ad interference because this application has an adsblock feature.

Another advantage offered by this browser is being able to download files in the form of video and audio at high speed without IDM. Users are free to download the desired files via Epic Privacy Browser without the help of additional downloader sites.

Download > https://www.epicbrowser.com/

BF Browser

BF Browser

This lightweight and fast anti-blocking BF browser is suitable for PC or laptop users who need an internet surfing platform with a simple appearance. This browser is a great choice if you are looking for an anti-blocking platform because it comes with a built-in VPN.

This browser also offers a flexible proxy and has high speed in opening blocked sites. You can pass positive internet using BF bowser because there is an anti-blocking feature in it, so it can help access sites easily without exception.

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Download > https://bfbrowser.com/

Brave Browser

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is the next option that offers convenience in passing through the positive internet without the need to be blocked. This browser is quite widely used because it has a built-in VPN to access websites that are blocked by positive internet.

The default VPN feature also makes browsing the internet very enjoyable because it helps speed up the data loading process. Brave Browser also has a high security system that will protect user privacy from being known by others.

This browser has an anonymous mode which is useful for keeping your data private when accessing certain websites. This anonymous feature makes users feel calmer when they have to access various types of sites.

Download > https://brave.com/

Turbo VPN Browser

Turbo VPN Browser

Finally, there is Turbo VPN Browser, which is currently a favorite of many users for passing positive internet. Actually, this application was originally known as an additional VPN on mobile phones so that internet browsing activities run more smoothly without being disturbed, especially during busy hours.

However, this application is also equipped with a browser that can be used to pass positive internet. Turbo VPN Browser can be used to access sites that are prohibited from access.

This best anti-blocking browser has high speed when accessing a site, so you don’t have to wait long to load pages. This is because Turbo VPN has technology that will help overcome internet connection problems.

Download > https://turbovpn.com/

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