10 Author Problems Before Publishing Novels

10 Author Problems Before Publishing Books – 10 problems faced by writers before publishing their writings.

We are often not sure which ideas or writings are worth publishing and sharing.

Maybe we wait for the best and perfect ideas and writings before clicking publish!

It turns out that many other people or aspiring writers face this problem.

10 Author Problems Before Publishing Novels

Perhaps, we need to know 10 problems that prevent us from publishing writings.

This knowledge, based on the newsletter of two digital writers whose writings have been read by millions of people.

This knowledge can be found in the newspaper sending by two prolific digital writers.

10 Problems Authors Face Before Publishing Writing

Okay, let’s just start with the first problem:

1. Distraction

Writers love distraction oddly. This is what delays us from doing the things that need to be done.

Authors can turn these distractions into writing material for publication.

2. Excessive Editing

Words, spelling, separated or spliced, make us dizzy and want to continue editing.

In fact, at the beginning, maybe we need to focus more on conveying ideas.

Forget the rules, focus on the idea that grabs the reader’s attention.

3. want to be perfect

We often think, this writing is not ready. So when will it be ready?

Perfection slows down the process.

Authors may also publish articles that are not good. Then learn from there and make continuous improvements.

4. Postpone

We often say, “Just write it tomorrow, ah…..”

You may be absent today, but if you can, don’t skip twice.

He said the secret in writing is to practice and maintain the habit of writing every day.

Don’t be too pretentious!

5. confident

The way to build a writer’s self-confidence is to write.

Very simple, but also complicated.

We are not PD, because we are waiting, imagining the perfect work.

The first work is not perfect, that’s OK. But need to start so that PD

6. Looking for ideas

Worried that other people will steal our ideas?

Maybe it’s because we don’t know how to create more ideas.

7. imposter syndrome

We want to adjust the desires and expectations of readers, wanting to be better than other writers.

The key though is to be different, not better.

We are not competing with other people.

8. Consistent writing

Writing is not a matter of talent, but a matter of consistency.

Those who are successful do the same thing for a long time.

Consistency is also a differentiator with others.

9. Platforms

What is the best platform for writing online?

Apparently not on a personal blog. However…

Write in a place that has a lot of readers: Twitter, Quora, Medium, or Typeshare.

I created this article with Typeshare.

10. Don’t have time.

It’s not just a problem when writing. However, in all things in life.

We have to create or allocate time. Not finding time.

Find the most productive time of our day and the least amount of distractions.

Are there 10 problems that friends often face?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, I’ve experienced it too.

Please share this article by sharing the first post so that many friends of prospective writers understand and together we will succeed.

That’s 10 Author Problems Before Publishing Novels

Thank you.


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