10 Android Phone Damage Detector Applications

IT People Blog – The use of smartphones from day to day is certainly increasing. Currently, most people in Indonesia use various kinds of smartphones for daily communication purposes. So don’t be surprised if there are more and more types and kinds of Android phones on the market. Even the Android cellphone damage detection application is currently also increasingly sought after.

This is because not all smartphone users are able to take care of their cellphones optimally. There are times when the smartphone or cellphone that is used is damaged without realizing it. While repair costs can be quite expensive. Especially if not through an official warranty from the smartphone brand purchased.

Therefore, to see the initial damage, various kinds of applications that support this are present on the market. Of course, this news makes many Android HP users feel curious about this interesting application.

Malfunction Detector App

1. Antutu Tester

The first application that is quite popular and often downloaded by smartphone users is Antutu Tester. This application is quite easy to use and can monitor how the performance or performance of the Android phone is being used.

Available in two versions, namely Antutu Benchmark and Antutu Tester, this application will really help smartphone users to see whether the smartphone is functioning properly or not. For those who are interested in trying it, get the application at the following link https://antutu.com/en/index.htm.

2. Device Assists

The next Android cellphone damage check application is Device Assists. With this application, Android HP users will receive automatic notifications if there is damage to the smartphone. Therefore, it is not surprising that this application is a favorite of smartphone users. To be able to use the application, just click the Device Assists download link at https://apkpure.com/device-assist/com.google.android.apps.cavalry.

3. CPU-Z

Then to check the temperature on an Android cellphone, you can use CPU-Z. This application is actually used to find out computer specifications. But on the other hand, it is also useful to see smartphone specifications, including Android phones. Therefore, if you are interested in using it, just try to download the application at the following link https://cpu-z.en.softonic.com/.

4. Z-Device Test

If your Android phone is having problems, you shouldn’t immediately panic. Try checking through the Z-Device Test. With this application, Android cellphone users can find out what problems occur on the Android cellphone used.

Various damages that can be monitored and detected by the Z-Device Test include the screen, hardware, and other Android HP components. If you want to try to use the application, you should immediately download this application at https://z-device-test.fileplanet.com/apk.

5. Geekbench 4

Furthermore, for those who want to know, especially the Android cellphone damage check application, which many smartphone users like, you can try using Geekbench 4. This application is one of the most sought after and used by Android cellphone owners.

With this application to see if there is damage to the system or memory of the Android cellphone used. In fact, this application is touted as a serious rival to other Android HP damage detection applications. If you are curious about the capabilities of the Geekbench 4 application, you should immediately download the application at the following link https://www.geekbench.com/geekbench4/.

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6. Phone Tester

There is another application that is no less cool to help Android HP users to detect potential smartphone damage. This application is known as Phone Tester. The advantage is that the Phone Tester can see the performance of the Android cellphone used.

Starting from screen performance, camera performance, even sensor performance and the performance of other Android HP components. Therefore, this application is also favored by most smartphone users. To get it, immediately download the Phone Tester application at the following link https://apkpure.com/phone-tester/nscteq.phonetest.

7. Phone Check

The Phone Check application does not only function to find out whether the Android phone is damaged or not. However, this application can also be used as an alternative to a used cellphone check application.

Thanks to this application, the cellphone owner can see how the Android cellphone works to operate the WiFi network, screen, and CPU normally. So if there is a problem with the smartphone, this will be informed to the user.

As for those who are interested in using the Phone Check application, you can download the application at the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inpocketsoftware.andTest&hl=en_US&gl=US.

8. Phone Doctor Plus

There are still other cool applications that are able to detect potential damage to the Android cellphone used. This application is called Phone Doctor Plus. As the name suggests, the application will work to see if the smartphone is working properly or not.

If there is a malfunction or malfunction, then this application will provide information about the damage. So that Android HP users can know for sure which part is having problems and needs further improvement.

For those who want to try the Phone Doctor Plus application, you can immediately download this application via the following link:


9. Dead Pixels Test and Fix

Those who are looking for an Android cellphone screen check application should try Dead Pixels Test and Fix. In accordance with the name given, it focuses on seeing the condition of the screen on an Android cellphone. So that if there is damage to the screen, information will immediately be obtained from this application.

Not only that, Dead Pixels Test and Fix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso useful for repairing damaged/unresponsive LCD screens. Using the application is also quite easy because you just have to follow the guide. If you are interested in using this application, you can get it by downloading it via the following link:


10. Device Info

Finally, for those who want to know the condition of their Android phone and ensure that there is no damage in it, they can find out this information through Device Info. As an application that is useful for checking overall HP functions, this application will work to provide information about the performance of the Android system, CPU, and memory used.

So it can be said that the Device Info application provides a fairly complete feature in conducting a specific inspection of Android phones. Even this application is able to provide the necessary repair information. If you are interested in trying it, download the application at the link https://www.deviceinfo.app/.

Those are some Android cellphone damage detection applications that are worth trying. The link provided above allows smartphone owners to download and use it. Therefore, if there is a problem with your Android phone, don’t worry or worry. Just use the suggested application and see first what is causing the damage.



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